Below are some of the testimonials taken from our patient feed back page on our NHS listing which can be found by clicking here

Professional & friendly

I found both the staff and treatment carried out by the Tan Dental surgery to be of an exceptional high standard. I felt relaxed and at no time was I unsure what was happening. I had visited while experiencing a large amount of pain and although other dentists missed the cause, the dentist found it and dealt with it brining immediate relief. The following up procedures we quick, painless and highly professional. All done with a smile and a relaxed atmosphere I’ve never seen in a dental surgery before. highly recommend.

Visited in April 2013. Posted on 31 May 2013

Finally a decent dentist

January 22 2013

I really hate going to the dentist which is a shame because guaranteed I need to go at least 4 times a year. I suffered with bulimia for well over a decade and although I am recovered the damage to my teeth has well and truly been done. My mouth certainly isn’t what you would expect from a 31 year old female. I hate having to explain myself, its hard and mostly people really couldn’t care less or assume that its happened because you don’t care. I was so relieved when my new dentist here totally got it and was so nice and kind and sympathetic. The dentist also spent time with me that I’m sure they didn’t have and were totally honest about my situation and prognosis which I really appreciate. I am currently on JSA but I will definitely stay here and go private when I get a job. Honestly so glad I registered. A good dentist is worth their weight in gold and there is definitely one here

A hidden gem of a dental practice.

August 22 2011

Excellent dentist. The whole family use the same dentist. Very informative and always happy to answer any question regarding treatment. Never a problem In getting a group appointment for myself and children which is a bonus. Overall have been very pleased with the level of service provided and will continue to use this gem of a dentist practice.

Great practice. Highly recommended. 10/10 service.

September 25 2012

This has been my dentist for years. I moved from the area and tried out some more local dentists but then returned to Tans for their 10 out of 10 service. I wouldn’t ever go elsewhere. Reception staff are fantastic too- always smiling. Great practice. Highly recommended.

Kind, tactful and professional – Karel, UK

July 27 2012

I have avoided dentists for many years due to negative experiences and this has unsurprisingly been to the detriment of my teeth. I finally plucked up the courage and chose Dr Tan as my children see him. I arrived with trepidation, shame and guilt and walked in emotional and defensive. The doctor immediately picked up on this and proceeded to reassure me. Working with me, he advised me on the best treatment and kept me informed throughout the treatment. To say he is wonderful is an understatement. He and his lovely assistant were kind, tactful and professional. I cannot praise and thank him enough for not only his kind manner but his excellent dentistry. Yes, it was a bit pricey but I feel considering my years of neglect I got off fairly lightly. Oh yes, the receptionist was nice too!!

Debbie & Aymi

December 07 2012

This dental practice is an excellent dentist to visit, i don’t like going but knowing that the receptionist is there to calm me down is a bonus, they are a very helpful & welcoming person you would say they were more a freind & not just a receptionist, the Dentist must be so glad to have such a great person working for them, my little girl use to roll around the floor but since the receptionist calmed her down & has such a friendly manner towards her, my little girl now ask’s ‘ mummy when can we go to see the receptionist & the dentist’….. A*********

Definitely be returning

October 26 2011

What I liked

I went to this dentist this morning with the most awful toothache, I didn’t have an appointment but the receptionist was so helpful and told me I could be seen if I didn’t mind waiting. I was so nervous but they talked me into staying. They were very helpful and I felt so relaxed due to the fact they had worked there for many years, they were so helpful. The dentist was so friendly and explained fully what treatment I needed. I was given antibiotics and happy to return next week to follow out my treatment plan. I’ve only been here for the first time today but I’m so pleased that I finally found a very good dentist. If it wasn’t for the person at the front desk I’d still be in a lot of pain. Thank you