Teeth whitening

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At home Whitening

Our preferred  method of whitening teeth is the at-home, dentist-supervised option – the results are better, last longer and there is less sensitivity when compared with the in-surgery method. During your visit to the dentist, he or she takes a mould of your teeth and creates a comfortable, customised mouthtray. The mouthtray holds a mild solution whose main ingredient is carbamide peroxide, a substance that reacts with water to release a non-toxic bleaching element (hydrogen peroxide).

The mouthtray is placed inside the mouth, and sits only against the teeth, thereby avoiding contact with the gums. Patients can choose either to wear the mouthtray throughout the night or for stretches that last from two to four hours. When the mouthtray is worn throughout the night, the treatment takes one to two weeks. Patients with more sensitive teeth may opt for the latter approach, which will take a bit longer. It should be noted that tooth whitening treatments have no effect on the artificial materials used for fillings, veneers, or crowned teeth.

How long will it last?

Whitening treatments begin to fade in one to four years depending on the original appearance of the teeth, permeability (porosity),  and habits ie coloured food / drinks consumed and smoking etc. In order to maintain the whiteness you should top up the treatment at home once every one to two months and attend for regular scaling and polishing.