Broken / Cracked teeth

Teeth can break due to a variety of reasons, most commonly due to the presence of a large filling which weakens the remaining part of the tooth resulting in fracture. Of course direct trauma from an accident can also cause teeth to break and we see this often in children who fall over. The treatment options really depend on how severe the fracture is, ranging from a filling to replace the broken bit, a crown or extraction if the fracture is well below the gum line and restoration becomes impossible.

Cracked teeth are much harder to diagnose as there are often no visible evidence and they don’t usually show up on x-rays due to the hairline nature of these cracks. Nevertheless they can be troublesome and often interfere with eating, especially on hard and crunchy foods like muesli and nuts, sometimes even toast. These teeth also present with increased sensitivity to cold. There is a specific test for diagnosing this problem, and if the problem is severe enough crowning the tooth is the answer, particularly if there is already a large filling present.